Discourse- Lady Gaga gets creative

                             Image: Lady Gaga’s uploaded to her twitter feed


Hit single, after hit single. New look after new look.  Lady Gaga’s name seems to never be out of the headlines. Since her first album was released in 2008, she has over 33 awards under her belt, so whether you love her, or hate her, this lady is here to stay.  Not satisfied it seems with flooding the air waves with her catchy songs, and being the inspiration for many young fashion designers, with her eccentric outfits.  Miss Gaga is laying foundations behind the scenes too.  “I am so excited to extend myself behind the scenes as a designer, and as my father puts it, finally have a real job.”-Lady Gaga (Guardian, 2010)

“Lady Gaga’s success continues this week, with the announcement that the singer has been made a creative director of Polaroid. Despite the fact that the traditional analogue Polaroid cameras were discontinued last year, the company continues to sell a range of digital products and sees Lady Gaga as the ideal spokesperson for a ‘speciality line'”. (Guardian,2010)

Polaroid Grey Label Products were announced in January 2011 as the GL10 Instant mobile printer, GL30 Instant digital camera and perhaps most fascinating, the GL20 Camera Glasses. (Polaroid, 2011) “All Polaroid Grey Label products are designed with the idea that creativity, and sharing go hand in hand, in both the digital and the physical world”.

Will any of these new products become affordable to a poor student like me? Only time will tell I suppose.  I know I would love to get my hands on the camera glasses, but at what cost? Money? Quality? Who knows.



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