Yet another big change

I have always been over weight. Ever since I can remember I was bigger than my friends. By the end of primary school I’d suffered all kinds of bullying because of it. Strangers would ask me me weight, and I had few friends because my self esteem was so low.

I remember going for the secondary school uniform fitting and having to have a skirt made for me as none of the standard sizes for my age would fit. It was mortifying for an 11 year old and is a memory I’ve never forgotten.

After years of battling with my weight I came to the conclusion that I was not going to be able to lose the amount I needed on my own. The only method that had ever really worked for me was chemotherapy and I have no wish to go back there. Since being in remission I have since gained back any weight I did lose. It was then 2 years ago that I knew something had to be done.

After 2 years of tests and waiting lists here I am. Sat outside my consultants office waiting to find out if next month is the month my life changes permanently.

Wow. Just came out of my appointment and can’t believe how lovely my surgeon is. He confirmed that my surgery will be in less that 4 weeks time. It’s hard to believe that something which takes 30 minutes will change my life forever. I can’t wait!!!


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