Update- New me?

Wow! 5 months has flown past so fast.  Not only am I back to uni in less that 2 weeks, I am 5 stone lighter.  A stone a month… not too shabby.  Not that it’s been easy. Not at all.  I wont go into the gory details as lets be honest, if you want to know you’d ask.  I will post some before photos though which were taken in May this year. A week before my mini gastric bypass.  I was not sure about putting that out there for the world to see, but I know I can’t hide it anymore.  I am proud of my bypass.  It’s not the easy option many people think it is, and even to an extent I assumed it would be a walk in the park.  I couldn’t have been more wrong really.

This actually isn’t me at my heaviest, but they are the before photos I took in the studio at Uni.  Not that I particularly wanted photos of myself, but just to document my starting point really.

As I said before I don’t return to uni until the end of this month which will be pretty much exactly 4 months since my operation so will take some more recent ones.


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