What’s a disorganised person to do?

I am by my own admission a disorganised person. Routine? I’ve never been able to maintain one. My children were always fed on demand, washed when they needed it, napped when they needed it, had a bed time that suited what we were doing that day. This wasn’t a conscious choice, and a lot of the time I put it down to being a young working parent flying by the seat of my pants really. My children are both healthy and happy, more from dumb luck than skill  I’d imagine. I envy parents who are able to find the balance between routine and organisation and having their babies bed time control their lives.

My children being 11 and 9 now, I face a new set of challenges when it comes to routine. Are they eating enough and well enough in order to be productive in school? How much sleep are they needing and why are the challenging me over it all the time? How many hours of homework/reading per evening do we need to squeeze in? I’m finding that my chaotic way of doing things just isn’t working for us as a family any more   Add to that a husband who works crazy shifts and myself fumbling through a degree, you could say that we are pretty disorganised.  In fact that would be an understatement. 

Yesterday a book arrived in the post which I’d ordered during one of my many internet shopping sprees (Something I am desperately trying to stop) This Book will be a starting point for me.  It has already inspired me to write this blog.  I hope that it will inspire me to do more that just write about getting organised.  Perhaps hoping isn’t enough.  I need to make it happen.  Start small and make sure that small changes have a big impact on my families productivity.

This coming week I am going to use to start moving towards being more organised.  I guess I’ll be spring cleaning slightly early.  We moved to this flat for 4 years now, and are still living with the furniture from our last house, which doesn’t quite fit.  We want to invite people over, or have people pop in, but we never feel we can, without a huge blitz clean (and I mean big).  It’s not that the flat it dirty.  It’s just that we have TOO MUCH STUFF crammed into the space we have.  This week will be thinking and planning more than doing, but I hope to keep track of it here, 🙂

Day 1: SUNDAY:
I had planned to start on my bedroom today, but didn’t have time due to my darling daughter taking up most of my day. Tweens *sigh*

I did manage to sort my linen cupboard today though. So far a success. I’m not sure how long it will last though with the people in this house.

I managed to clear out some old Barbie and Hannah Montana duvets that my daughter no longer needs. I’m sure some of my towels could do with replacing and my husbands next job is to put a few shelves in the cupboard. He’s really going to hate the day this book arrived 🙂 I can just imagine some shelves and nice baskets keeping the towels tidy 🙂


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