Working away my summer… again

Today is day 3 of working in the university clearing office.  The first 2 days were manic to put it mildly.  They really do throw you in at the deep end and hope you don’t drown under the piles of paper work.  ‘Hey temp, pick up that phone…’ if a phrase I’ve heard a lot.  Although I am a student here, I am currently a temporary employee.  Basically a dogs body, but I think that I have finally proven myself as a competent member of staff.  Being on the same level as all my lecturers is a strange feeling.  Sitting in the staff room eating pizzas while my tutor winds up the library staff like a mischievous little boy.  I love my tutor dearly.  He is the main reason I chose UEL to study.
I just sat in on a maths exam.  I was the one giving out pens and making sure the students don’t cheat.  It did give me a sense of being a grown up.  I’m not sure that I like the feeling too much really, but have some more tests to sit in on this week. It is an hour doing not very much and trying to finally get past level 65 in Candy crush! Grrrrr I hate that game.
I’d better go find some work to do now, before they decide they don’t need me here…..

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