Structure. Who needs it?

It’s been a while since I posted properly, but I’m hoping to find my flow and that is taking more time than I originally thought it would. These past 2 weeks I have been working in the University clearing desk. I’m enjoying it way more than I thought I would. In fact I wanted to quit after the first day. The fact that Nichy is there too helps a whole lot. I’m not sure I would have coped alone. While being thrown in at the deep end was really scary, I didn’t drown. In fact I’ve totally enjoyed meeting the numerous lecturers from within the Arts and Digital Industries school.  The little eccentricities of each of them make me smile. I find myself smiling to myself quite a lot while I’m working. Some of the academics probably think I’m odd. But I am odd. And that’s ok. Just the same as they are ok. If that makes any sense I’ll be very surprised.
So when I get time I will try and start some form of structure when it comes to my blogging. I hope to make more of an effort with my writing. Over the years I have let it slide a lot and I need the practice so please forgive me. X

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