Family fun day in Southend

Yesterday my husband and I decided to take the children out for the day as we hadn’t had a chance to do much over the summer holidays. The weather looked a little iffy at the start but it turned into a glorious day. The children were almost perfectly behaved (I hate travelling home too so they’ve been forgiven). I had the opportunity to go on 3 of the most scary rides in the park, mostly in order to convince the kids that they were safe. I had no chance to worry about the ride, whether I’d fit in the harnesses etc as we didn’t have to queue at all. My worries would have been unfounded I discovered as I easily fit onto the rides with room to spare!! The me of 2 years ago is long gone and I’m never going back there.
I’m finally content with myself and it was a great way to blow off steam after a week of working long hours. Spending time with just the four of us was just the tonic I needed. Sometimes it is easy to forget what’s most important to you. The need to earn money, or in my case study overtakes the need to invest time into your relationships, whether that’s with you partner, your children or your friends and family. It’s something I am desperately trying to reassess and yesterday was a great start. 🙂

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