Friends are the family you choose

Last Saturday we attended a get together to celebrate one of my oldest friends daughters 10th birthday. This occasion made me feel very old. We were pregnant together. Went through morning sickness, cramping, health scares etc together. I paced the floor the night my friends labour was induced prematurely. I remember being heavily pregnant visiting Emma and JJ on the day their perfect baby Cadence entered the world. Being too scared to hold this tiny miricle baby.

My son Andrew followed 7 weeks later, and along with my first child Ellie-Marie they grew up like cousins.  My children were the first of their generation in our family so having another child around was lovely. Within a few years more babies arrived in the form of Reese and Tyler. Their parents close friends of Emma and JJ, but who accepted us as their friends also.
Since then there have been highs and lows as there are with a lot of families. Squabbles over things that feel major at the time and dissolved by the underlining love that we all feel for each other. At times it has been the children holding us all together as a family. A perfect one? Nope. A geographically close one? Nope. But one where the memories and love outweigh whatever the world may through at us.

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