Must see movies

A few months back I asked some friends to post a list of movies I must see. I realised that I’ve not been doing a great job getting through them, so I have removed all of the movies I have already seen (this includes the ones I have fallen asleep through).Over the past 2 days I have watched Vertigo and Citizen Kane, which I have been told are contenders for best movie of all time.  Now, I did admittedly fall asleep near the end of Vertigo, but I preferred Citizen Kane.  And I stayed awake! YAY! The story made more sense to me, and kept me interested throughout. 

I think it’s time to make a start on this list 🙂 Do you have any suggestions?

Lind’s list:

Dracula 2000
Queen of the Damned
Vampire’s Suck
Blazing saddles
Deuce Bigalow
7 Brides for 7 Brothers
Jess’s list
My name is khan
Never let me go
A brief encounter
Jonathan’s List
Arrested Development series (Started watching this)
Rear window
The birds
Raging bull
Slum dog millionaire
Moon (Watched)
Blade runner (Watched)
Rebel without a cause
Twelve monkeys
Saving private Ryan
High society
The Legend of Fong Sai yuk
Weird science
Blues brothers
High fidelity
Arsenic and old lace
Night of the living dead (original )
Dawn of the dead (remake) (Watched)
Day if the dead (original) 
The fog
Three extremes
Star Wars original trilogy 
Nil by mouth
This is England
Brassed off
Sid and Nancy
A time to kill (Watched)
Video drone
They live
War games
The pelican brief
JJ’s list
The House of Yes
Party Girl ( Parker Posey)
Winter’s Bone

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