10th Anniversary trip to Amsterdam (2014)

This year we have been married for 10 years.  The last time we went away where it was just us, was our honeymoon to Tunisia, so we were well over due.  When we were thinking of places to book on Lastminute.com I remembered Jonathan talking about how he’d been to Amsterdam as a teenager and had always wanted to go back.  Having never been and not sure when the opportunity for a few days away would come up again we thought why not? So last month we booked to be away for our 10th Anniversary and arranged for my nan to come stay to watch the children.  It was all planned.  One thing we didn’t plan was that no more than 2 weeks after we made the booking we found out we were expecting a baby.  Not an ideal location to have morning sickness you’d think (and you’d be right), but I’ve never been a big drinker and don’t partake in the other customs associated with Amsterdam (any of them :p), so didn’t feel I was personally missing out.

Looking a bit rough on the plane (We had spent the night sharing a sofa as we gave up our bed for my nan)

When we arrived in Amsterdam it was wet and cold (why did we get married in February?) and so very far from the hotel we’d booked.  We set off on a bus which didn’t take the travel pass I’d just purchased from the airport so cost an extra €10 to get into the city (YAY).  We got off the bus where the driver sort of pointed us in a direction and drove off.  When we walked into the Park hotel we thought we might be in the wrong place.  It was pretty posh, and not what I’d expected for the price we’d paid.  We stuck out like a sore thumb, tired from travelling and feeling generally sick (all day every day) and freezing cold.  PLEASE tell us this is the right place!  Thankfully it was.  We has lucked out on the booking and were being shown to our room.  Granted it wasn’t the biggest room in the hotel, but it was far more luxurious than our room in Paris had been last year on my Uni trip.

Off out to find food
My appetite returned around dinner time so we set off in search of some food.  It was a Thursday night and most places were quiet, but we thought we would try Pancake Corner (One of many).  This was a sports pub which sold food.  All you can eat ribs to die for.  Even for me who hadn’t been able to keep much down for a few weeks.

It was next door to The Bulldog, so I’d imagine the all you can munch part was a bonus to customers there. I’m informed that this place is famous :p

We spent our days walking around the city, and visiting some sights.  The whole place is so beautiful, even in winter and even during Friday/Saturday/Sunday we were able to find places away from the rowdy hen and stag parties and groups out for experiencing Amsterdam fully shall we say.  Maybe I’ve always been a little older than my years but that sort of thing never really appealed to me (pregnant or not), but I can see why some enjoy it.  A word of warning though.  I had enough trouble navigating the streets SOBER, let alone in an alcohol/drug induced haze.  Pedestrians have very little right of way and have to share pavements with cars, bikes, motorcycles, buses and trams. All of these things hurt if they hit you, so keep your wits about you. Or better still a sober friend 😀
Here are a few of the hundreds of photographs we took on our 4 day trip.  We had a fantastic time even with the sickness and cold weather and it was a much needed break in order to remind ourselves of the things we fell in love with about each other.  I know that parents can get stick about having holidays without their children, but I’m all for it as long as the children have dedicated holiday time with you and they are being cared for while you are away.  It can be nothing but good for a relationship to rekindle a possibly tired flame, and to just be a couple for a few days.  Being away does also make you appreciate home way more too.
The bookshelves in the hotel Lobby

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