A week in the life of Penny

Monday morning we woke up early and saw Ellie and Andrew off to school. Daddy went to the gym so we took our time getting ready to go to Baby Sensory with Anna. We took a lovely walk by the quay and fed the ducks on our way.
At baby sensory we showed off our sitting up and crawling skills and played with George and the blocks.  We also had a fun game with the beach balls and rowed down the river 😀
Rattles are fun 😀
Tuesdays just aren’t the same without some singing and signing with Jessie Cat and Suki, so we are over the moon that the new term has started.  We are in a new venue at a new time and starting Stage 1.  It’s all very exciting now that Penny is sat up and paying attention to Suki (I might as well not be there :p ) and Lottie, her friend from last term.


Today we went to see the doctor because Penny has had a bad cough for a few days and it’s been causing broken sleep for all.  Apparently it’s nothing serious and will go on it’s own. Then we went shopping in Westfield to buy little lady some bigger clothes as she’s growing at an alarming rate. We also loved Lottie’s shoes so much yesterday that we just HAD to get some. Was so chuffed we found some. For lunch we went to Wagamama’s and ordered Penny her own meal for the first time.
Today we went to pick up a new pushchair which is more bus/car friendly and VERY girly, but we enjoyed using the Mei Tai and wearing our sunglasses 😀 We had a lunch date with Auntie Amy to try Pie and Mash for the first time. Penny that is. Not me.  I am an Eastender. I was raised on the stuff :p While waiting for Auntie Amy we popped in to the Idea Store and caught the end of story time. We also ran into baby Bonnie and her mummy.  We met originally on a walk I organised through Walking mums last month, but it was lovely to have a chance for a proper conversation while Penny showed off her best crawling and rolling skills and trying to eat Bonnies shoes.  I found out about lots more free baby sessions in the local area and we are looking forward to trying some out very soon.
After lunch we took a walk through the market and spent the afternoon playing with Nanny and Grandad and having cuddles with her Auntie.  A lovely relaxed day and early bed time.
So Friday is normally our stay at home day with swimming lessons in the afternoon. Unfortunately due to a situation I had to sort with my elder daughter, Penny and I couldn’t make it this week. Instead we played with our new pop up sun tent… In our living room. If anyone knows how to get those things back into their bag I would appreciate the help :p
Next week we will be trying a new activity in the morning, followed by swimming for sure as long as our lift is repaired by then.
Saturday we spent the day at home. Daddy took the older two to see the new Avengers movie, so we spent the day playing and napping and playing some more.  It was a much needed rest day.
Sunday morning was mass at 9am. It’s the dedicated toddler mass, so it doesn’t matter if the children make a little noise. Or do what Penny does and laugh hysterically and bang on the pews in font 😀  It was also nice to see Catherine and her mummy as we have missed her for a few weeks.
After mass we spent a few hours at home and then went out for lunch.  We also decided that today was the day to baby proof the living room.  While we were out we picked up a baby gate and when we got home Daddy started putting corner guards on and cupboard locks.  I’m sure madam will still manage to find some strange way to hurt herself, but for now we believe we have covered everything.
Sunday afternoon also involved a visit from Nanny & Grandad ‘Cats’.  A name affectionately given to my in-laws by our older children so that they could differentiate between both sets of grandparents.  My parents are Nanny & Grandad ‘Dogs’.  Penny showed off all she’s learnt in the 2 weeks since seeing them last and even pulled herself to her feet on her own for the first time :/

6 thoughts on “A week in the life of Penny

  1. Love Peace Beauty says:

    She is absolutely adorable! We have a tent that also pops up and I’m pretty sure the tent won the wrestling match the first few times I tried to put it back down! 😉 Thanks for sharing your week!


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