Penny’s first weekend mini-break

This past weekend, we spent with my grandmother at her home in Lowestoft, Suffolk.  My brother-in-law and sister drove myself and my 2 daughters from London.  Penny was awake for the whole journey and behaved perfectly which was good because the car was pretty cramped and with a few detours took an hour longer than usual.

We arrived to a gorgeous roast dinner and TV evening. (We might be Big Brother addicts :p and it was eviction night).  Penny’s routine went out the window on Friday and she went to
bed at 10pm.
Saturday morning was as early start thanks to miss Penny being up super early, but snuggles with Auntie Amy and Uncle Paul killed some time before we hit the shops as I was looking for a black biker style jacket.  Being a size 22-24 I knew it would be a challenge, but I couldn’t find anything in the many many shops I tried. This was disappointing as I need it for a planned night out this week 😦 We were also looking for a baby sun shade for the car and a baby on board sign.  No joy there either.
We gave up on the shopping and had lunch in the local Wetherspoons before taking a walk along the seafront.

The original plan was to spend the afternoon on the beach.  This didn’t happen due to the weather, but we did have a nice walk and an ice-cream. It was nice to have some quality time with my eldest daughter.  She’s almost 14 and time is flying by way too fast.  She’s now taller than me, impossible to shop for and infuriating at times but I am loving the beautiful young lady she has become.

Also after the horrible 9 months my sister and her partner have been through, it was lovely to see them working together to make the best of things.

As always it was lovely to see my beautiful Nanny Barbara. She’s always an attentive hostess and makes sure we are all happy. We look forward to visiting again soon x


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