A day at the ‘Beach’ (Olympic Park) #Pointshoot Week 2

This afternoon I finally had the opportunity to visit the man made beach in the Olympic Park, Stratford. Unfortunately for me, it happened to be on the day that Penny cut her third tooth and she was not a happy bunny.  This is reflected in the quality of the photographs as well as the poor cherubs face.  I was still keen to take part in this weekends #pointshoot in order to document the rough as well as the smooth days of parenting a wee one.
Warming up after literally dipping her feet in the water pool.  It was very very cold, and much too busy for a baby really, but the older children seemed to love it.
On the train with her big brother. Having older siblings has been a godsend, especially on days where mostly only mummy will do. Penny seems to see her much bigger brother and sister as an extension of mummy and daddy, and I appreciate the quick breather.
Love this photo of Penny and one of her Godmothers. Since she was born, we have been making much more of an effort to see people. Having children can be quite isolating if you let it, and I love how our efforts can be seen in our baby’s behaviour. Even when not feeling herself, she enjoyed a very long snuggly cuddle nap with Susan (who incidentally wouldn’t hear of it when I protested that she was heavy and offered to take her)
Feeling much better after her 2+ hour nap (her 3rd nap of the day), Penny decided that terrorising poor Stanley was fantastic. Luckily for her, he loves the bones of Penny and tolerated whacks and kicks the whole way around Asda.
So all in all, not many smiles from Penny, but the day was by far a decent one. The beach was VERY crowded, and the food and drinks expensive, but if you have more time to prepare than we did, a packed lunch is a must really.


Just linked up to #pointshoot with @YouBabyMeMummy and @snowingindoors

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