My baby isn’t a baby anymore- Living Arrows Link up Week 36/52

This week, I thought I would change things up and remind my readers that I also have a son. (GASP).  Andrew is 11 and often keeps himself to himself, so it would be easy to forget you have him.  So this week my submission for the Living Arrows link up are here.


On Thursday my oldest 2 went back to school.  Ellie-Marie went into year 10, and Andrew started year 7.  If I didn’t have an 11 month old to focus on, I probably would be a blubbering wreck! I still had to fight back tears as he ran off into the unknown.  I know that having his older sister in the same school, as well as knowing quite a few of her friends will make things less scary for him which is good.  (It’s a separate girls and boys school in one building)

He spent 2 weeks at the summer school at his new school, so he’d done the practice runs on the bus, uniform bought and ironed, new shoes and trainers waiting for him.  Where has my baby boy gone?


‘Living Arrows’ which is run by Shutterflies #livingarrows It’s a portrait a week of your child. You don’t have to post every week, or start from the beginning 😀Living Arrows


20 thoughts on “My baby isn’t a baby anymore- Living Arrows Link up Week 36/52

  1. Nicola Says - Family lifestyle blog says:

    What a milestone! Hopefully the start of a ton of new adventures though. And also thanks for the reminder about Living Arrows, I still need to join that one.


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