Why I started writing…


I’m more of a visual person, but have always written a diary/journal.  Ever since I was a teenager.  I allowed one of my best friends to read a section of it in order to better explain what I was finding hard to verbalise at the time, and it was pointed out that it was easy to read, as it was almost as if it had been written with that purpose.  Thinking back, perhaps it was, on some subconscious level. I wrote as a way of getting things out that I found difficult to speak about.  This thankfully was waaaaay before the internet was ‘a thing’ and I’m sure most of my diaries don’t exist anymore.

I’d tried blogging on and off through y early twenties, but never really stuck to it and life got in the way.  Then as a mature student I started using a blog in order to complete some assignments.  You can find some of these here on this blog if you look hard enough :p.  You will even find my photography dissertation. 10,000 words and not for the faint hearted.  I guess being at uni, gave me a confidence boost when it came to allowing other people to read my writing which I had never had before.  I guess what I discovered is that I write because I enjoy it and not because I’m seeking someone’s approval anymore.  Not everyone will understand that, and that’s ok. It’s taken me a long time to be ok with that.

I know that there will be people I know and love that have absolutely no interest in reading my blog, but just maybe I will meet others like me.  With the same interests, whether they have children or not.

So if you like what you read and want to leave a comment, I will be very grateful.  If not, then please have a nice day.



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