Top 10 things I can’t live without list


So, this is my first list post.  I’m sure that there will be many more to come as I seem to have gotten the bug for them while thinking about this one.  It goes without saying that my family and friends would be on this list, so I am going to try and stick to physical items, and not people for the purpose of this post, or I could be here all day!

  • My wedding ring- So I know it’s just a ring and I could physically live without it, and if I lost it I would still be married, but the symbolism behind it makes it an item I have no interest in living without.  It’s now too big for me after my weight loss surgery, but I was lucky enough to be given an eternity ring from my husband with the sole purpose of keeping my wedding ring on my finger.
  • My camera- As a photographer it goes without saying that my camera would be important to me.  Not only for work, but as a mother, I find great joy in photographing my children and documenting their milestones.
  • My mobile phone- This is my window to the world.  All my contact details, e-mails, social networks etc all in one place.  Also a great point and shoot camera which is always readily available.  In a way the fact that this item is on my list makes me a little sad, as I really do not know where I would be without it.
  • My happy pills- This might sound like a strange one to some, but for those who know me, they will understand that my mental health has not always been great.  I have been on and off anti depressants for over 10 years, and 2 years ago I came to the realisation that I will more than likely been on them for the rest of my life.  I can say that I am ok with that now. The alternative doesn’t bear thinking about.
  • My photo albums- Before the days where all photographs were digitally stored, I had to print out the photographs I took.  This means that all of my baby photos, as well as the baby photos of my eldest children are actually physical photographs in albums.  My wedding album is also a physical album.  They would definitely be the items I save from a fire for sure.
  • My external hard-drive – For the exact reason I would save my photo albums, I would do the same to save the thousands of photos and videos stored on my external hard drive.
  • My planner/diary- Having a busy family of 5, there are lots of appointments, social engagements etc and it takes organisation.  I am not a very organised person, but I am working on that, and trying to improve.  My planner has been helping me to do that.
  • My laptop- My laptop is very important to me.  We used to have a family PC, but while at university I was able to obtain a macbook pro. This was primarily in order to use programs such as photoshop and to write my written assignments,, but it has progressed to also being my primary blogging equipment.  It is still used for business also.
  • My make-up bag- And it’s contents of course.  Makeup was never something that interested me growing up.  Even in my twenties, I only ever wore makeup on special occasions.  As I hit my thirties, I have grown to realise that I don’t look as young as I once did.  Wearing some makeup at least gives me a little confidence boost and helps me get through the day 🙂
  •  My TV/Digibox- As a mum, I love to sit back of an evening when the children are all in bed and watch rubbish TV.  I like to have the TV while I work on my laptop, so programmes which take little to no concentration are a must.

So there you go.  Nothing very exciting, and actually I’ve noticed quite materialistic, but I’m hoping that my future list posts are slightly more heart felt 🙂



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