‘You are here’- Do you need a road map? Where is your life headed?



So, while taking part in in of the challenges for ‘Blogging 101’, I was faced with 4 images.  We were told to choose one which spoke to us and write a blog post about it.  There were no rules about the post, and we could take it in any direction that we wanted.  So here I am.  The road map practically screamed at me.  Possibly because I seem to be coming to one of those forks in the road that I speak about in my post yesterday about uncertainty.

My youngest will be 1 next month, and although I have loved every minute of being a stay at home mum the guilt about finances is hitting me hard.  Can I justify not working, and telling myself that I will work on my photography business? That’s not been really happening over the summer, with the odd job here and there, but I do aim to improve that. I had similar feelings when my eldest was around the same age.  I rushed out and found a job which really wasn’t right for me.  I told myself it was only for a few years to gain experience, and it turned into a 6 year slog which left me dangerously unhappy and unstable.  I also will never really forgive myself for not spending more time with my children while they were growing up.  So what do I do? Working part time will not make any really change in our financial situation, and adding childcare for a 1 year old into the mix too, would seem silly.

So here I am. Uncertain again about what the best thing is to do for me and my family.  Unfortunately there is no road map showing us where our choices will take us. I really wish that their were.

How do you make decision like this? Are you in a similar mindset?



8 thoughts on “‘You are here’- Do you need a road map? Where is your life headed?

  1. loolibelles says:

    Your children are still babies, and I am sure you already know how quickly they grow and gain independence! My little girl turns 13 next week and I cannot quite believe it. There’s plenty of time to earn extra money when they are older, you’ll never get your time back with them. Ultimately only you know what is best for you and your family 🙂

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      1. loolibelles says:

        It’s tough, I know it is. I was due to start university last year to train as a midwife, I dipped out at the last minute and whilst it broke my heart a little bit, I knew it was for the best. I didn’t want to miss all the important school plays, assemblies, sports days etc. But if you have to go back to work to get by financially then you just have to work out what will fit in with the fam! We’re skint all the time but we get by x

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