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This Sunday, Penny and I took part in a charity walk called the ‘Big Push’ in aid of The East London NCT. It was to raise awareness of Postnatal Depression and Isolation in New Parents.  The distance was 5k, and was a lovely scenic walk around the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.  Thankfully the weather was quite nice, although a little chilly, this was good news for me as I was rather red when I finished.


This walk made me happy for a couple of reasons.  Firstly I think that the cause is fantastic.  Being a sufferer of depression myself, I can relate to those who suddenly, at a time they are ‘supposed’ to feel their happiest, find it harder to cope than ever and can’t pinpoint why.  I can also relate to feeling isolated as a new parent, whether a seasoned professional, or a first timer.

It also gave me the opportunity to have a conversation one on one with the wonderful Jay from Walking Mums.  I have met her a couple of times, but it was great to be able to talk one on one and to actually feel like I’m doing some good by raising awareness of her project using my blog.  She had been feeling slightly downhearted about the amount of work involved, and I hope that I was able to reassure her that it was all worthwhile and that there was help out there.

At the end of the course, we were all given a great goody bag and a certificate.  Thank you to everyone at the NCT who helped out on the day, and to all who participated in the walk itself.

IMG_5128I feel incredibly blessed to have found a wonderful set of mums who I now class as my friends and for that I am happy 🙂



Link up with Siân over at Helpful Mum.

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