My Ideal Writing Space

My writing space is currently on my laptop sat on my sofa.  Not ideal at all, and I really would love to have a dedicated writing space.  Right now, I’m in front of the TV which is often tuned in to some trashy TV which doesn’t require any thought when having it playing in the background. Not a very inspiring work space really.  In fact I’m actually too embarrassed to post a photograph of it, but I will however post some photos of the soft of place I would love to work in.  Perhaps once Penny gets a little older, I will be able to ascertain a small space somewhere in the flat to call my own, but for now I am stuck on the sofa.



desk1Due to having a wee one, I have been quite limited when it comes to becoming a mobile writer.  I am often tempted to pack up my laptop and go to a local coffee shop (even though the smell of coffee still turns my stomach a little since pregnancy).  I think I will have to make a plan to visit some different places in order to be inspired the next time Penny goes out with her grandmother for the afternoon. I can travel pretty light, as I only really use my notebook, diary and laptop to work.  As long as I have an internet connection, I can work pretty much anywhere.

Having children around means that I do not need silence to be able to write, however constant interruptions can be frustrating, especially if it involves me moving from my writing spot.  I can find it very hard to get back in ‘the zone’ so to speak.

How would you change your work space? Do you think it makes a difference to your writing? Have you ever gone writing on the move? Where is your favourite place to write?


36 thoughts on “My Ideal Writing Space

  1. jacquibrough94 says:

    I would love a gorgeous area like this to write but i’m in a small flat right now so i’m confined to the bed! I am adamant however that in my new place we will have an office!


  2. Ickle Pickle says:

    Oh to have a writing ‘space’! Mine is my settee – I have my laptop, Macbook, phone and usually some review paperwork with me. One day I will create a corner for me! Kaz x


  3. tracey bowden says:

    My writing space is pretty similar to yours with the only difference being there isn’t any trashy tv instead it’s the Disney channel which I forgot to turn off! I would love a nice little office or space dedicated for me to be able to write but my daughter claimed it as hers so all that’s left is the coat cupboard under the stairs!

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