Trying new foods {The Ordinary Moments} #37

My first time joining in with The Ordinary Moments link up, run by Katie over at Mummy, Daddy & Me, but I love the concept a lot.  Life’s ordinary moments should be celebrated and I always like to celebrate when Penny tries and actually eats new things.  Being a baby with a cows milk protein intolerance, she has never eaten cheese in any form.  She is also new to sandwiches, so when we tried her with Dairy free cream cheese sandwiches for lunch, it was a lovely surprise when she ate 3 of the 4 triangles served to her.  The 3 that she ate didn’t touch the sides as she lapped up this new treat.  Lets hope that she continues to enjoy exploring her new dairy free foods.





Linking up with Katie at Mummy Daddy Me

mummy daddy me

27 thoughts on “Trying new foods {The Ordinary Moments} #37

  1. Victoria says:

    I’m so glad she liked them! Some of the foods that I haven’t liked most of my life became my favourites during my last pregnancy so I now have a new open mind for new foods x


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