More Birthday Parties-Living Arrows – Week 39


Penny the jailbird 🙂 This weekend miss Penny was invited to another of her little friends birthday parties.  It was a pirates and princesses party, but as it was soft play, we opted for comfort rather than dress up.  I took my 11 year old with me, so I didn’t have to crawl around in with her this time, which meant I protected my poor back and Penny got to explore way more than she would with me.  Happy birthday Grace and Joey!


‘Living Arrows’ which is run by Shutterflies #livingarrows It’s a portrait a week of your child. You don’t have to post every week, or start from the beginning 😀Living Arrows


6 thoughts on “More Birthday Parties-Living Arrows – Week 39

  1. shutterflies says:

    I really laughed that you called her the jailbird and there’s a little one next to her in proper jailbird stripes! Haha! Looks like she enjoyed herself. Great idea to send the older one in, why have I never thought of that?! x

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