Monthly Bucket list October 2015- and review of last month

Hello October… well over a week into it at least.  I promised a review of last month too, and looking back I was pretty rubbish at sticking to it.  This was mostly because I did LOTS of other things instead, but that’s not really the point of these lists so I will try much harder this month for sure.
  • Go back to Penny’s swimming classes– This didn’t happen as Penny has been fighting a cold since August, but we are hoping to start going outside of class times soon.  Must cancel that Direct Debit :/
  • Make something out of paper mache– Ok, I admit that this was an ambitious one for us.  I am going to admit that I just ran out of time.  I envisioned a huge ‘Very Hungry Caterpillar’ themed centrepiece for Penny’s birthday party.  Sadly, I fail at being a pinterest-mum.  I’m not going to give up though. 😀
  • Plan and run a walk with Walking Mums– Well this one I sort of did, and didn’t do.  Instead of planning a walk, I did have a few meet ups with some mums I have met through Walking mums.  We have been getting the little ones together more regularly but I am planning a walk for this month for sure!
  • Take more photographs.  TICK TICK TICK! My No SmartPhone Challenge, has been helping me with this one for sure, as it means I am taking my camera out with me lots more.
  • Check out our local children’s centre.  Again I SORT OF did this one.  I looked up the timetable! Woooo. Now we just need to get along to a session 🙂
  • Go to the library with Penny. Ok, not the library as such, but we have been going the Discover Children’s Story Centre instead.  I figure that’s pretty close right?  We are planning a little visit to the story session at our local library tomorrow morning though. So not a total fail.
  • Write a meal plan for this month.  I did do this.  Not a hugely healthy one, but we have been sticking to one and now it’s a case of tweaking it.  I feel a blog post coming soon about this, as I need to start losing some of the weight I have been piling on.

Right, so on to this months list!


  1. Keep using my camera! I’m slowly getting used to lugging the sodding thing about, but the photos are so worth it.
  2. Actually attend a session at the Children’s Centre!
  3. Attend the Michael Rosen exhibition at the Discover Children’s Story Centre.
  4. Start back at the gym.  I have discussed the logistics with my husband about child care, so this should be happening! No more excuses.
  5. Plan a walk on walking mums! MUST DO THIS!- (Edit- I’ve made the plan. Now just need some ladies to sign up.  Look out for my post on what I hope will be fab walk in Epping Forest!)
  6. Take Miss Penny Swimming.  Any day, Any time.  Just Swim!
  7. Pumpkin Patch photo opportunity.  Sarah, over at Ginger and Bell and I are planning an autumn inspired photo session.  I’m looking forward to it a lot! Watch this space!
  8. Dress up for Halloween! Ok, this is a cheat, as we have already been invited to 3 Halloween themed events, but I am actually going to dress up for at least 1 of them. Promise 🙂

Sorry that this list was late, but I promise to try much much harder to complete this list this month.  I’d love to see your plans for the month. Do you write a list too?


19 thoughts on “Monthly Bucket list October 2015- and review of last month

    1. themummybalancingact says:

      Thank you. It does take some dedication for sure, and does tend to have a knock on effect on my internet time later in the day. I just seem to have blinked and my little girl went from newborn to 1 so it’s definitely time x


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