What has made me happy? Cake Smash Fun!


This weekend we FINALLY got around to shooting my 1 year old’s (I will never get used to saying that) cake smash photo shoot.  I guess it’s like what they say about builders.  Their own home is always the last to get work done 😀

This Sunday was a mixture of emotions.  Every year my husband’s family attend a mass to commemorate the passing of my husband’s grandmother. I personally didn’t get a chance to meet her, but I have attended the mass every year for 15 years as I know that it means a lot to my husband and his family.  Even 20 years on, I love that they still come together like this.  The amount in attendance has shrunk dramatically over the years for many reasons however.

In order to lighten the mood, we invited my husband’s parents over to help with the shoot and I’m very pleased that we did.  It was all hands on deck to encourage Penny to play with the cake.  For a little grotty child normally, she was not keen on getting messy.  I’m not sure who was covered in more of the cake, Penny or daddy 🙂

PennycakesmashpoutwebPost-Divider-Template-COPY3Run by Siân over at Helpful Mum.  I LOVE THIS IDEA!

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