Autumn/Pumpkin Photoshoot- October 2015


We had planned to visit Foxes Pumpkin patch in Upminster today, but due to poor weather, the patch was closed for the rest of the week.  Gutted, really doesn’t explain how I felt about this news, as we had made these plans weeks ago.  After 30 minutes of staring out of the window at the glorious sunshine, my 14 year old daughter had a brainwave!

We are lucky enough to live very close to Mudchute Farm, which is set in 32 acres of countryside in the heart of East London.  I’m talking walking distance, and it just so happens to back on to an Asda car park.  We chose the nicest 4 pumpkins they had (and to be honest I was shocked at the state of the selection).  So, either Asda have bought up all the dud pumpkins, or the harvest this year has produced a pretty shocking lot.  Anyhow, we loaded up the pram and went to find some suitable backdrops for our autumn photoshoot.

PennyPumpkin-01web PennyPumpkin-02web PennyPumpkin-03web PennyPumpkin-04web PennyPumpkin-05web PennyPumpkin-06web PennyPumpkin-07web PennyPumpkin-09web PennyPumpkin-10web PennyPumpkin-13web PennyPumpkin08web

We of course took the opportunity to go and see all of the animals too.  Mudchute has a huge variety to enjoy and Penny took great pleasure in the baby bunny rabbits sniffing her fingers through the fence.


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