Bucket List- November 2015


This year has sped by so fast that it’s pretty hard to keep up! It feels like only yesterday that I was writing last month’s list… and the one before that!  So, a quick recap of how I’ve been doing during October with my planned activities.

October’s List

  • Keep using my camera! I have been slightly hit and miss with this one, but I do remember more often than not these days 😀
  • Actually attend a session at the Children’s Centre! Read our review here
  • Attend the Michael Rosen exhibition at the Discover Children’s Story Centre. Read our review
  • Start back at the gym.  Yay! I went back! Getting there is proving difficult due to child care and juggling Penny between me and hubby so that we both get to work out.  His work pattern is a nightmare at the best of times. But I’m back, so just need to keep at it!
  • Plan a walk on walking mums! We loved our walk in Epping Forest! New post to come soon.
  • Take Miss Penny Swimming. I just can’t seem to fit this in just yet.  I am determined to do it next month though,
  • Pumpkin Patch photo opportunity.  Sadly, due to poor weather, our closest pumpkin patch had to close.  We were really gutted about that, however we had to improvise, and created our own autumn scenes for some photos instead.
  • Dress-up for Halloween! See our Halloween activities and even me dressed up, here.

For the month of November I am have been having trouble thinking of what I ‘want to do’ rather than what I ‘need to do’.  I will try not to mix them up too much.

  1. Celebrate Andrew’s birthday. Sounds silly, but the poor lad always seems to get a raw deal when his birthday comes around.  His birthday is on the 4th November, so people are either celebrating halloween, or Guy Fawkes night (Bonfire Night).  Also, with the changing of the seasons, people seem to ALWAYS get sick once his birthday rolls around.  So, let’s hope that his 12th birthday is different 🙂
  2. Go to a Fireworks display. Penny was tiny last year and slept through the whole thing, so we hope she will enjoy the pretty lights this year.
  3. Get started on planning/buying Christmas presents.
  4. Actually manage to go swimming at least once.
  5. Arrange a date night with hubby.  It’s been a while, and if he won’t take me out, then I guess I will be taking him out instead!

A pretty short list this month, but with some pretty large things to do.  Wish me luck!


34 thoughts on “Bucket List- November 2015

  1. leeshastarr says:

    Well done on ticking so many things off, I think you did pretty well. Hopefully you can make it to swimming this month. Good luck with your bucket list and I’m looking forward to update(s) x


  2. laura447 says:

    I need to start doing something like this. It’s great to keep track of what you need to do or have planned to do.

    Well done for going back to the gym, that’s brilliant.

    Laura x


  3. Renna says:

    You have been busy! Yes Fireworks is always a must! Can’t you get his friends together to see Fireworks locally ? Get some hotdogs, he’ll love it. Good luck with the rest of the list.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. laurasidestreet says:

    What a great bucket list and totally doable – well done for crossing so many off your October list by the way and enjoy the fireworks

    Laura x


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