Mum got mail package! #Mumgotmail

Last month I came across a post by Claire over at The Free Range Family, inviting mums to sign up to a project aimed at spreading joy to mums during the October half term by having the postman deliver a little treat.  I signed up so quickly that I forgot to write it down in my planner and then sadly proceeded to forget that I had done so. Yes, I am officially rubbish!

I got the reminder e-mail in what must have been the worst week ever for me e-mail wise.  A teething toddler/birthday celebrations and germs invading my house are to blame for this, but I still felt incredibly bad when I discovered I was late to the party.  Thankfully the lovely lady I was paired with was fantastically understanding.  I received my delivery on a particularly dreary Saturday and I was so overjoyed! I felt a pang of guilt at still not sending out my gift yet, but now that that has been rectified (long story, involving amazon, delivery addresses and sleep deprivation), so feel ok enough about the situation to finally post my public thank you!


In my package I received a stunning adult colouring book, which has gone walkies…. (Must remember to search the teenagers room), and Lindt Chocolate Thins.  All I have to say about these is OH MY GOD I AM NOT SHARING THESE WITH ANYONE! I opened them to have a taste… as you do, and then had to hide them in a box in a box in the fridge.  I live with fridge goblins.  They go by the names Ellie and Drew, but they are taller than me now, so I find it hard to pin down my goodies without them knowing.

So, I would like to say a HUGE thank you to Daniella over at Madame Gourmand for being paired with me and being so very understanding.  You will get mail I promise! It’s on it’s way!

Thank you again to Claire for setting up a fantastic project.  I would recommend checking out her page and look out for any other projects like this! It really did make me smile.


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