What has made me happy this week

Family and friends always put a smile on my face.  This weekend saw me celebrating Halloween with my good friend Jess (Fat Bottom Gal) and her fiance, as well as a family get together to celebrate my son Andrew’s birthday this week.  It was lovely to see everyone who managed to attend, but understand that is was already a busy weekend for most.meandjesshalloween elliecream

It’s on occasions like this, when I realise just how grown up my older two children are.  Ellie is 14 going on 24. I swear she needs to stop growing now as I already feel short these days.


Then there’s my very grown up birthday boy.  I can not believe it’s been 12 years since you bounded into our lives.  You were my baby boy for almost 11 years, but just because you aren’t the baby of the family anymore, you will always be MY baby.


This year was the first time Penny saw fireworks and sparklers.  She was only a few weeks old last year and happily slept away the displays and loud noises.  This year she seemed to prefer the social side of the evening, but thankfully the noise didn’t bother her.



Run by Siân over at Helpful Mum.  I LOVE THIS IDEA!

You're not from round here


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