December Bucket List 2015

So December is finally here! Christmas decorations are going up, the streets are filled with little twinkly lights, the weather has turned very cold and winter is definitely here for a while.  It’s the time of the month when I look back at my list from last month and make my plans for the month ahead. November was quite a short list and I’ll admit I did appallingly!

  1. Celebrate Andrew’s birthdayYAY! We did it! It was downsized from a restaurant to a get together at his cousins home, but there was food, fireworks, family and friends.  A perfect celebration.
  2. Go to a Fireworks display. We went to a huge display in Kent and Penny LOVED it! It was for charity and was well worth the ticket price. 
  3. Get started on planning/buying Christmas presents. I have done far more than I normally have by this point in the year, so I am pleased with myself for that.  There will no doubt be a crazy rush to finish it all in time, but I am a little bit more relaxed.
  4. Actually manage to go swimming at least once. I think I am going to have to stop putting this on the list for a little while as it just doesn’t seem to be happening 😦
  5. Arrange a date night with hubby. I can’t believe that this didn’t happen! We have had a few lunches out together (plus baby), but haven’t managed a night out yet.  

December should be a good month! It’s the month of parties, family gatherings and food right? So, things I WANT to do this month….

  1. DATE NIGHT!– This must happen.  It’s my birthday on the 12th, so we are hoping to get out the night before for dinner.  Somewhere close by and not too harsh on the bank balance, but this needs to happen. 
  2. Finish the Christmas shopping I am hoping to get all the shopping finished y the 20th.  I hate last minute shopping and am hoping to spend the last few days before Christmas relaxing, cleaning the house (I always do this before Christmas day) and catching up with friends.
  3. Have a family photo takenAs a photographer this should be simple right? lol
  4. Deliver my friends children’s gifts in person!– It’s sort of become a thing where the poor children get their gifts eventually a few months after Christmas.  So this year, I’m making a conscious effort to change that!
  5. Visit a Christmas market or 3– I have a few plans to visit some local Christmas markets and plan on reviewing at least one.  Watch this space.
  6. Go and see the Christmas lights in central London– We want to make a special trip to go and see the lights in the city.  I’m thinking hot chocolates, hats and scarves, hot chestnuts cooking (I love that smell as it floods the streets).  Hoping to make some memories with the kids before they are too grown up to be seen with mum and dad.

I love December and I really hope to spend more time reflecting on the real meaning of Christmas through my study of the bible, while still enjoying the family time and a little consumerism too. I believe as long as there is balance then it’s all good. 



16 thoughts on “December Bucket List 2015

  1. Fuss Free Helen says:

    Date night is really important for a relationship. It is so easy to slip and to forget about spending time together. Thanks for the reminder.


  2. Jenni - Odd Socks and Lollipops says:

    I know what you mean about the item that never gets done – mine was dying my hair and I have just give up now! I hope you have a fab December


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