It’s my Birthday!


Since I turned 29 (a fair few years ago), I have hated getting older.  As each year goes past, I try and forget that my birthday is coming and throw myself into other things.  Luckily, having children I have constant distractions and having Christmas only 2 weeks later I have been able to keep things low key.

It wasn’t always this way though.  I remember as a child my mum taking me clothes shopping in November for my birthday because with 4 children to buy for, December was just too tight.  I don’t feel that I ever missed out as a child having a birthday in December.  The time it hit me however was when I got older and tried to arrange a night out.  “Money is tight”, “I have a works Christmas party that day”, “I have the worst cold/flu” are all excuses I have heard in response to my invite.  More often than not I celebrated by throwing a party at home or not at all.


As much as I try and wish the years would just STOP, they obviously don’t.  I still get a year older, a year ‘wiser’ and a years worth of laughter lines added to my face.  I know I need to embrace my aging face and body as the alternative is to let it depress me. I don’t think it would be so hard to swallow if I couldn’t hear my biological clock tick-tocking in my head.

But….. For now, a glass of something fizzy is in my future, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY to me. Roll on Christmas 😀



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