Christmas Lights in London

One of the things on my December bucket list was to go and see the Christmas lights in central London.  I’m a Londoner born and bred and I have always loved going to see the lights.  As a teenager (in my boyband following days) I would often spend my time in the city centre, and some of my favourite memories involve the Christmas lights switch on and the smell of roasting chestnuts filling the tube stations and streets.  Since my older children are now 12 and 14, and the world just isn’t the same place it was with all the terror threats etc so I thought a family day out with the family would be fun.


Trafalgar Square Tree
Sisters in M&M’s World London

 We took the bus to Trafalgar Square as it went past the Tower of London and Saint Paul’s Cathedral, but the bus windows were very steamed up and it was quite busy being rush hour in London. My older children were not impressed really with being out in the cold but enjoyed the street performers in Trafalgar/Leicester Square.  Penny enjoyed the lights however and loved running around on her reins.ElliePennylightsxmas2015-2ElliePennylightsxmas2015kidslegolightsleicestersquarelightsminionslights

Leicester Square

The plan was to walk down to Oxford street, but to be honest I was getting frustrated by the moaning coming from the bigguns, so we come home.  I was disappointed, but I suppose it was my memories, not theirs I was trying to recreate.  Jonathan and I have decided to pop up there again in the week running up to Christmas for a late lunch and some last minute Christmas prep.  I know it will be busy, but I’m really looking forward to it.

Everything’s so exciting


Have you tried re-creating any Christmas memories? How did it turn out?



8 thoughts on “Christmas Lights in London

  1. JulieMartin says:

    My Nan and Gramps used to take us to see the lights. I used to love the big houses around Hyde Park area, your photos are lovely but it is different from my memories where there were so many lights I’m amazed the power didn’t trip out.


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