A Christmas craft #12daysofparenting #Day5

Thanks for hopping over from The Mad House of Cats & Babies and welcome to my post for the 5th Day of #12daysofparenting.  Today’s sponsors are Sand Art Pictures. Full details can be found on the 12 Days Page and all entries to be completed via the Rafflecopter at the bottom of this post.

So it’s that time again.  Another attempt at crafts with Miss Penny and this time it’s all about Christmas cards for the family.  I’ve said in previous posts that I am in no way a ‘Pinterest Mummy’.  I am a serial pinner, and love to look at other people’s fabulous creations, but I no longer get stressed out that our creations don’t look like those from other mums. My post ‘Why crafts with a 12 month old are a challenge‘ goes into more detail as to why. At 14 months we are trying again.

We had fun today and kept it very simple. Hand-Print Holly and Foot-Print Trees.  We hit the shops and found very little inspirations, so we bought a packet of plain white cards from the pound shop and some poster paints.

Penny liked the feeling on the paint between her toes, but sadly we missed that photo.  I recruited my teenager to help out and take some shots of the masterpieces being created. 😀

And here are the final articles! We are very proud of them, and we hope they brighten up people’s homes this Christmas.  Well, special people anyway. 😛  


Today’s code word is: Bon Natal

For more 5th Day Fun please hop on over to Mummy Lala where you can gain further entries into the grand prize draw. Full terms and conditions can be found here. UK residents only.

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43 thoughts on “A Christmas craft #12daysofparenting #Day5

  1. Chloe says:

    Awwww these are so cute! Evie’s 20 months and we made our Christmas cards like this. I ended up having to scan one of them in because by the second attempt she would wriggle her toes and the paint would go everywhere. These attempts are brilliant. I love the hand one. xx


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