Top tips for hosting and surviving Christmas parties when you have children! #12daysofparenting #Day6

Thanks for hopping over from Suburban Mum and welcome to my post for the 6th Day of #12daysofparenting.

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So… somehow it’s your turn to host the pre-christmas get together. Don’t panic! You knew this time would come eventually, but I’m sure you hoped that either everyone would forget.  Perhaps you’ve been looking forward to hosting, but suddenly you realise just how much you need to throw together in a limited amount of time. Either way, here are some tips for surviving this added extra you are having to deal with this year.

  1. DELEGATE! Do not assume that asking for help is cheating.  Most people are happy to help out where they can.  Whether it be picking up the drinks for you, or preparing a desert option, you wont know if you don’t ask.  I find flattery works well.  “We loved the XYZ you made last year. Would you mind bringing one along this year?” for example.  
  2. KEEP IT SIMPLE! If it’s a dinner you are preparing, go with something tried and tested.  You don’t want to be spending all day in the kitchen using every single pan you own.  You need time to make yourself look fabulous before your guests arrive and you can’t do that if you are covered in flour and your fancy starter has blown up in the oven.
  3. SHOP ONLINE- You don’t even need to leave the house and everything is delivered to you.  Some places will even unpack your shopping for you! Why would you try and brave the super market with your list and then lug it all home?
  4. ONLY CLEAN ROOMS PEOPLE WILL SEE- I’m not suggesting your home isn’t clean at all, but if like me you have a junk pile in the corner of your kitchen or you can’t have guests over without cleaning your already clean home, then stick to the essentials.  My list is always Lounge, Kitchen, Bathroom, hall.  As long as those places are perfect, then it wont matter about the rest.
  5. MAKE TIME FOR YOU- You will feel much better if you are able to spend a little time getting yourself ready.  This is always something that falls by the wayside with me.  You can guarantee the kids and hubby look fab, where as I look a hot mess when my first guest arrives.  Rushing my makeup and discovering I don’t actually like the dress I bought for the event are only going to put me in a bad mood.I hope that if it is your turn this year that everything goes well for you.  Remember to enjoy yourself and your guests.

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