The baby doesn’t stop at Christmas #12daysofparenting #Day9


Thanks for hopping over from Having a Baby and Living at Home and welcome to my post for the 9th Day of #12daysofparenting.

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Yay Christmas is coming! School is out and the shops are full to the brim with Holiday food, presents and shoppers to boot.  Your TO Do list just trebled and somehow you need to get it all done, you and your home need to look fantastic for all the holiday visiting/visitors and then there’s the kids….  They don’t stop because you’re busy.  They don’t suddenly start sleeping through the night. No-one pushes the pause button on teething, colic, nightmares, coughs, colds, (insert any childhood ailment here) etc etc etc.

Whether this is your first Christmas season with a little one, or you’re a seasoned professional, this is no easy task.  Even the most ‘together’ parent can see their routines come tumbling down in front of them by a poorly baby or a growth spurt causing cluster feeding sleepless nights and days.  So what happens if your wee darling times one of these “I need mummy now now now now now” few days bang in the middle of the mad last minute Christmas prep?

Whatever the age of your children, there will be certain things that you need to do daily.
My advice would be delegation. Ask for help. It’s not a sign of weakness and nobody who matters will judge you. If you can skim off any of the items on your list and get someone else to help then do it. You can only ask right? A few years ago I was forced to deligate tasks for the first Christmas since having my children. I had thrown my back and couldn’t even walk to the toilet unaided so had to rely on my husband to do everything I normally did. Of course I wrote lists and even preordered stuff online for him to pick up but it’s known as ‘the time Daddy saved Christmas’, and that year he really did. He also realized just how many little things I do that go unnoticed and talked me out of making those things priorities in future years.

For example. I realize that if I don’t clean out and organize my bathroom cupboard (which is huge) that chances are NO ONE will care! And if I don’t have time to get all the laundry and ironing done I can always hide it in my room until guests leave. This only works if guests coats can be kept elsewhere though. They might seem like little things but they all add up.

Think about your to do list this year. How much of it is realistically going to get done without stress? Christmas is a time for family. Giving and receiving both time and love and if you are lucky gifts. Ask a friend/family member to help out if you are really struggling with what MUST be done. It is the season of good will after all. I am sure most people would jump at the chance to help a friend in need.

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19 thoughts on “The baby doesn’t stop at Christmas #12daysofparenting #Day9

  1. Stressed Mum says:

    I have managed to get mine down, and although there is a lot to do still I have somehow managed to get my list into set days and even this morning came up with a plan that will make my life a little easier.


  2. serenityyou says:

    My list gets longer and longer at this time of year, but I normally leave it all until January, and start going through it when the lids are back at school


  3. Fuss Free Helen says:

    Ha ha ha on the cartoon. I have already made a note in my diary to get everyone Christmas list by the 15th November next year. Boring, but I am always so busy with work in Dec.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Working Mum Blog says:

    I’m at my mum’s this Christmas, planning and hoping for a relaxed Christmas with little to no stress. So far, only downside has been that my lo is waking up 2 hours (5am!) earlier than what he does when we are at home.


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