aboutphotoHello! Thank you for visiting my blog. I’m a  Mummy, Wife, Photographer, Graduate and Procrastinator. Not in any particular order.

I blog part-time about all things mummy related and the balance between being a stay at home mum and running my own photography business,Tiny Toes Photography.  I would describe my parenting style as relaxed, however I’d describe my personality as slightly erratic.  Imagine someone balancing many plates, all of different sizes, values and importance and you will get the gist of my life.

I will try not to go on and bore you too much, as a lot of my posts are pretty personal, so if you do read them, you will likely know way more about me, then my best friend does.  I’m a bit of a sharer.  I used to think that that was a downfall, and I know when I first meet someone, I tend to over talk.  In person, that can be a negative I guess, but online you have the option of clicking on another link and moving on.  Please don’t do that! Not just yet.

So, me in a nutshell. I’m Emma. 30-something mum of 3.  Married to Mr P and until recently, I was a mature student.  I graduated last year with a degree in Photography and in the process of building a photography business.  This has slightly fallen by the wayside since having miss Penny.  So why am I writing online publically instead of a journal?  Like I said. I’m an over sharer, and I also hope that someone somewhere likes what they are reading.  The aim of my blog is to voice the daily/weekly journey of a mum balancing motherhood and business building.  This will include pretty much everything that goes on in our household and with children ranging from 14 to 11 months, there will be quite a bit.  I write reviews of days out and products we’ve been using.  I will also be showcasing my photography and with permission from my clients, some of my shoots. Although I say that I write for myself, I do secretly deep down hope that someone somewhere reads it and gets something from it.  I would hazard a guess that my target audience would be other parents, but I also hope that others also get something from my posts.

If you would like to offer me an feedback or would like to work with me on a project, then please get in touch. I love chatting too, so if you think you’d just like a chat about mutual interests then I’m more than happy to make new friends 😀




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