Do you believe in happy endings? I didn’t. After falling pregnant at 18 by my now husband, I convinced myself that being a mother was my destiny. For me my children are to this day my greatest accomplishment, yet at times I’d yearn for something more. Having them took my love of taking photographs and turned it into a need to document the great beauty that I had created in the form of my 3 children.

 I wanted to document every moment, every milestone and keep them close to my heart forever. I was content with my work being a personal hobby.

 I started working as a photographer in 2010, photographing much loved family portraits as well as maternity & newborn shoots and events such as weddings, christenings and parties.

 I believe that every parent should have the opportunity to own beautiful photographs of their children to cherish and that that is what I strive to provide to my customers.

Visit my website at to check out my packages as well as some more examples of my work.


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