Happy 1st Birthday to Penny!

Hello there! This past week has been pretty hectic, hence why it’s been all quiet on the blog front.  My youngest baby turned 1 yesterday, but had her ‘started small, but turned into a major event’ party on Saturday. So, the evening after the actual birthday celebrations, I can finally sit down and reflect on what’s been going on.  I’m still finding it hard to believe that it’s been a whole year since Miss Penny stormed into our lives.  My first home birth and by far my easiest labour of the three feels like it only happened yesterday, as well as in some ways feeling like a lifetime ago all at the same time. I’ve been fighting back tears every time I think of my baby girl hitting 1, but I think I’m finally over that part for now…

On Saturday, I spent all morning cooking party food (Isn’t that the best kind of food?) and it was all hands on deck to get all of the food, decorations and toys to the venue and set up in a 30 minute time slot.  We decided against having Penny’s party at home as once we started inviting all of her little friends, as well as family, the guestlist got slightly too large for our flat which had been the original plan.  Due to the ages of the majority of the guests, we decided against a soft play but still wanted to offer some kind of play environment, so we made our own with a slide, ball pit, foam tiles and giant stuffed animals.

            IMG_1957 IMG_1965                                IMG_1974 IMG_1977 IMG_1978

Penny’s favourite book is ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’, so we went with a ‘Bugs & Butterflies’ theme to coincide with it.  We also attempted to include some of the foods from the book, but no amount of pinterest searching and pinning was going to make me successful to the standard I wanted, but I am pleased that most of the food was eaten and there was A LOT of it.  The show stopper was the gorgeous cake made by Simply Cakes For You.


The 2 hour party seemed to speed by, but I believe that everyone had a good time.  Miss Penny certainly did and was a very lucky little lady who received lots of cards and presents, but was surrounded by lots of friends and family who love her so much which is what’s more important. I want to say a huge thank you to everyone who came, and to everyone who helped make the day a huge success.


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